So you’ve been living in Melbourne and wondering what else this lovely city can offer? Here are some things to fill your time in the most liveable city in the world.

  1. Walk around

Seriously, do walk around and feel the vibe of this city. It’s full of arts, artists, and beautiful people!





2. Tim Ho Wan

This award-winning Hong Kong restaurant serves the best pork buns in town. It’s cheap! Bring your friends, they’ll love this place.

  3. Laser Tag

Every Sunday, some Couchsurfing members organise a meet up to play laser tag and bowling, while drinking and talking in between. You get a free ticket to play if you buy a drink. Everyone is welcome. The place also offers unlimited laser tag once a week. Check with them for more info.

Location: Strike Bowling Melbourne Central  (211 La Trobe Street).

4. Eat The Beat

Enter before 11 PM on Saturday for a free drink. It’s a small club with a lot of backpackers.

5. Billboard Saturdays

This huge place is where everyone’s clubbing on Saturdays. Get on the top platform for extra fun.

6. Hosier Lane

If you’re looking for street art, you’re at the right place.

melbourne australia_0124.jpg

7. Hunt for fancy restaurant discounts on Groupon

Our group got a 6-course meal for only $25 each at a fancy restaurant from Groupon. You could get the same deal or even better. Happy hunting!

8. Docklands Library

It’s a library surrounded by boats, so where else should they get their interior design inspiration? Wood makes this place beautiful.

9. Play  Table Tennis and Pool

You can play with these for free when you buy drinks at West Village.

10. Victoria Library

Whether you just want to checkout the famous interior of this library, or use the free wifi, Victoria Library is definitely worth a visit.



11. Artvo

Take silly amazing photos at this place filled with arts like these!



12. Eat at Dex2rose and get served with pretty food:


If injections contain chocolate, maybe less people would be afraid of them.

13. Chill at Sister Bella

If you want a  small bar where you can have a drink with your friends and play board games, Sister Bella is the best place. They serve cheap alcohol (beer in a jug, anyone?) and the interior got that “hipster cozy” vibe.

Love Melbourne? Send an email or leave a comment if you’ve got any other recommendations!