Probably a rant-y post but I thought it was the sort of kinda-funny rant-y post. Read at your own risk.

-The bed is itchy. Even though I’ve washed the bedding. WTF is the problem?!

-Lame family who doesn’t talk to me or even acknowledge my existence, but just answers when I ask them things. I try to make random funny comments but they don’t care about that shit.

-A flatmate who’s pretty much like the description above but maybe she’s just shy or whatever. We’ve watched Batman though so that’s cool.

-The fucking smell (Sri lankan food and cat poop.) They don’t know anything about airing out. The windows are often closed. I open it but they keep closing it. Seriously. I live in a dungeon. An Asian dungeon.

-They don’t care. I was gone for three days and they didn’t even know where I was or asked about it. If I die, they’ll just wonder about it when I’m past my weekly rent. To be fair I don’t care either if they die. So the emotion is mutual here.

-She seemed upset I was still using the rice cooker at the time that she realised she needed to warm their rice. She should have considered that before renting out their room.

-While we’re on that subject of rice cooker scarcity, the kitchen can be too crowded at times and she doesn’t seem happy I am there. Well what do you expect, woman? I need to cook and eat.

-She doesn’t seem glad either when I sit at the dining table while she and her husband are still eating. I stopped using the dining table. I now eat while standing up at the kitchen, which can be good for me instead of just sitting all the time.

-And oh I saw a leech-looking insect at the toaster. I never ate toasted bread ever since.

-I told her about the animal. She was surprised about it and she cleaned the machine vigorously. But then the toaster still looked rusty inside. If I wouldn’t die of that insect’s poison, I’d die of tetanus.

-She told me not to brush my teeth at the kitchen sink because she wants to “keep it clean.”  <Insert a photo of the rusty hole in the sink.>

-Their crazy kitten. It’s driving me nuts. I’ve always been neutral about cats, sometimes I even find them endearing especially that Grumpy Cat. But this (big) kitten is insane. You could see it in its eyes. And I hate that sometimes it would run between my feet and vigorously rub its head there. When did we become friends?! And it’s not like it’s doing it in a cute way. It’s more like doing it to attack me or to annoy me. So when I see it, I have to walk back while facing it, making sure it won’t be able to go in the middle of my feet. Did I also mention how it would go inside my room sometimes and keep on running when I chase it away? I’d like to shout “You’re not cute. Go away.”

-There is no dishwasher, which is a staple item in kiwi houses.

-There is no electric blanket. Last night the bed was freezing. I’m going to die before winter comes. Other houses probably don’t have this either. I don’t know. I’ve just been to an apartment with electric blanket. Even the last hostel I was at has it. Allow me to be whiny here.

-Super big bed (Which I don’t really need. I use up almost just 1/3 of it. Thanks, Asian body.

-Well my room smells good because I often open the window and I’d like to think I just smell good really.

-I have a nice table and chair in my room.

-There’s a big window in my room.

-Basically my room is nice at least.

-I have somewhere to put my things?

-They have rice cooker and oven.

-They let me borrow their bike one time (which lead me to having wounds and bruises because I don’t really know how to properly bike.)

-They let me borrow their iron. (Big deal.)

-Their washing machine works well?

-They let me use their salt?

I can’t think of any other good thing now. I probably seem too fussy but I’m paying a lot so I may be entitled to be fussy. I need a new home. Now excuse me as I wash my bedding for the Nth time. Let’s see if this changes anything.

UPDATE: Vacuuming the mattress helped. Or I’m just really more concerned of the cold now.