I’m getting better at cooking. The first time I cooked these ready-to-bake kebabs, I slightly over-cooked them, which was fine as I prefer meat like that,  but you learn not to do that again when struggling to clean the burnt baking pan…

Mushroom added for health and yum benefits.

I never baked in Philippines as baking is rare and we never had an oven. In fact, I rarely cooked when I was in Philippines, not for the lack of wanting to learn but because my dear mother wouldn’t let me.

When I tried to cook, she’d tell me I was doing something wrong, then she’d end up cooking by herself. Way to teach her daughter how to be independent.

In a way it’s great to live by myself here. I mean, I get to cook these.

Tinola – a Filipino dish with onions, ginger, and chicken. It’s supposed to have green vegie too but I didn’t have any. It tasted the same nonetheless.
Fried chicken topped with pesto. Then I added tomatoes and feta cheese.
Greek salad.
Scallops + mushroom. (Doesn’t look great but it tasted amazing!)

I usually try to add vegetable now to any food that I cook, or at least make greek salad. Living with kiwis for a few weeks taught me this healthy habit. Eating meat by itself is just considered weird. I feel bad and fat when I don’t eat any veggie along with my meal.

In Philippines, we just ate what we wanted. There were vegetables sometimes but we don’t really have any definite rule what to eat with meat. (And we wonder why the average life expectancy there is 68 years old.)

It’s easier to eat green vegetables here like lettuce as they don’t taste much (I do miss the taste of Philippines’ lettuce though.) And any vegetable salad is instantly better with feta cheese.

Dear god, that food. I thought pesto was the one then I met feta cheese. These are food I never knew existed before moving to NZ (sad, I know.). If there’s really any reason to live in NZ, it’s the food. And don’t get me started on NZ’s restaurants.