It’s refreshing to read an entry that discusses love for law. Like businessmen and accountants, lawyers are one of the “bad examples” often used by some righteous spiritual people, writers specifically (e.g. Mitch Albom in Tuesdays with Morrie, although the opinion was from Morrie).

I don’t like the idea that just so they can convince others their jobs that are less popular are actually interesting, they have to use other mainstream jobs as bad examples.

Lawyers, businessmen and accountants have this bad reputation among “good people”. Businessmen only care for money. Accountants are corrupt. Lawyers will defend you as long as you have money. Negative adjectives to describe people in these fields go on and on.

It never occurred to some people that maybe some take courses that have something to do with either accountancy, law or business1 because they find it fun. It’s what interests them. The thrill that they like to experience is found in that course.

1Although the course Accountancy is usually under College of Business in most universities, accountants are not really considered as businessmen. They work for businessmen. Although of course there are also accountants who venture into the world of business and are businessmen themselves.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many versions of this question I’ve been asked. From the time I decided to apply, to when I heard back from the schools, to my entire decision process, and to now – when I’ve actually started at Hastings. A lot of my classmates have always known they were going to be lawyers. This was determined by a poll in one of the many workshops and seminars I attended during day two of orientation today. But me? I never th … Read More

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