Comment now (August 29, 2014). My opinion below makes me cringe. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with condom. And yes, we need to improve our education and employment rate. But, no, we shouldn’t just let the poor people buy their own condoms when obviously some can’t afford it.

And no, we don’t need to pity them. But think of the unwanted kids that they’ll have even though they don’t want more kids, which will just add to overpopulation, and thus will just add to our country’s problem.

So, yes, we definitely need to help the poor and give them free condoms (but so far I haven’t seen this happen. Is it really happening? If so, that’s great! But please go to Juan Luna Street or Perla Street because those places have loads of families with lots of kids who don’t seem to be taken care of.)

If possible, we should give free sterilisation to those with 3 or more kids already or just those who don’t want to have kids at all.

Also, we need to have safe abortion clinics. And please, before you react, please research a lot about this topic. The gist: no, abortion isn’t immoral. Trust me, you’re not going to hell (if you believe in one).

Legalising abortion doesn’t mean we SHOULD abort all fetus. Legalising it will allow women to decide what should grow inside their body. It’s even more responsible not to have a kid at all when you know you’re not ready to be a mother yet (financially or emotionally).

If there’s anything immoral, it’s having loads of kids without planning how you’ll raise them or how much having a child actually costs.

I’ve come across this nice website that actually answers questions about abortion (e.g., why should it be legal, when does human life begin, etc.). Reading it is really educational.


RH Bill. That’s (still) the hottest issue here in the Philippines.

Like any other issue, some are pro while some are anti. The pro RH bill says we need choices and we need family planning so that the overpopulation of this country can have its solution. On the other hand, the anti-RH bill are often the religious people. They say condom is bad. They say a lot of things, but that’s their main point: using condom is “immoral”.

I used to agree with the pro RH bill people. I don’t see anything wrong with parents using condom. Not everyone can resort to natural family planning like the one where you have to count the days of menstruation. Not every woman has a normal menstruation cycle.

Immoral condom

How some have concluded that condom’s immoral is beyond me. Look, the sperm cell and the egg cell haven’t met yet ( and won’t ever meet. Thank condom!) So did you just kill a “baby” when you used the condom? Certainly not. No baby has been formed yet. All we have are sperm and egg cells, which by the way, will inevitably “die” whether you use a condom or not.

I said “I used to agree”. I am now undecided about RH bill. I do have questions that need answers before I can go in front of a church and wave my placard that reads “Yes to RH bill!”. That’s a lie/joke/figure of speech. I don’t have the guts of Celdran.

Free contraceptives

Few days ago, I posted this question on Facebook and Twitter: Is there a part in #RHbill that says the govt will give away free condoms if the bill is enacted? Thanks

All I got on Facebook was a “like” and a question “Pro ka ba dito?????” Looking at those successive question marks, one might think my opinion really matters.

“Dipende sa sagot sa tanong ko,” I answered.

On Twitter, because no one answered too, I asked Carlos Celdran himself.

This was his answer: “Government health offices will have free condoms for those who choose to get them and want them. It will not be forced on people.”

If you can’t make your apathetic friends to answer your question about rh bill, ask Celdran himself. You will get information straight from the horse’s mouth.

My next question to him was “But why should the govt buy condoms for those who want to use them? Shouldn’t they shell out their own money for it?”

“Filipino poor can’t afford. Only rich Filipinos can afford family planning. This evens the field for rich and poor families,” Celdran replied.

Condom -> Work -> Education->

My own reason for asking the question was this. If the couple can’t afford a P25[1] condom, doesn’t that make you think the couple isn’t working hard enough? Or that they don’t have any job at all? And why don’t they have jobs? It’s just either of the two: they are too lazy [2] or they are unskilled. So let’s say they aren’t lazy but just unskilled. Why are they unskilled? Because they didn’t have a good education, that’s why. Now, the root is clear; it’s education. Next is jobs.

Where to get the budget?

This was my next question. “I’ve read the budget for rh bill will be taken from DOH’s. So is this like a new proj for DOH? Will they scrap their old projs so they can allot funds for rh bill? Or will the govt raise the DOH’s budget?”

Unfortunately Mr. Celdran didn’t reply. It’s important to know the answer to this because obviously, this country is suffering from budget deficit. If the answer is the DOH will replace their old projs with the RH Bill, then that’s good. But if the gov’t will raise the DOH’s budget just for RH bill, just for buying condoms, then that’s terribly bad. That just means the budget for other vital things like education will have to be cut again.

Can RH Bill stop early pregnancy?

On Twitter, Celdran retweeted Elizabeth Angsioco’s tweet: “Adolescent pregnancy is 30%of all annual births.Mean age at having 1st child is 19.(NDHS08)Early pregnancy s hi-risk. Ok lang ba ito?”

When I asked Ms. Angsico if RH Bill is the answer to that problem, she didn’t reply. Now, don’t blame people if they’re “ignorant” about RH bill, because many don’t want to teach these ignorants.

Back to the topic, 19 years old, that’s still older compared to pregnant teenagers I know. What do they mean by tweeting that message with the #Rhbill tag? Do they mean that RH bill can stop those teenagers from having a child at an early age? I don’t think RH bill can. What can RH bill do? Inform them that 19 years old is a very young age to have a child? But our teachers have done that repeatedly. I know some people who went to the same public school I attended. Family planning was discussed since I was in grade 6 (Science). It was also taught to us in Biology (second year high school) and MAPEH.  In grade 6, I had a teacher who reminded us that the right age for being pregnant is 25 years old since the body’s ready at that age, and the right birth spacing is 3 years for that will help the mother’s body recover. Let me repeat that I studied in public schools since elementary. My school in elementary and high school have the same curriculum with other schools since we all are under DepEd. And yet my schoolmates, and sometimes even classmates got pregnant! You cannot blame “ignorance” here. The thing is, some people like talking about something even though they haven’t observed what the root of the problem is. What is the cause of early pregnancy? There is no better way to say this, but many kids nowadays are “malandi lang talaga“.

Here’s a part of Joey de Leon’s The cons & pros state, published on Philstar.

Ang sabi ng iba sa RH Bill ay kontra —

O eh di gawin ang gusto ng mag-asawa

At tanggapin na ito’y karapatan nila

At hindi na kailangang isabatas pa.

Kasi naman ay ka-OA-yan na talaga

Na gawin pa itong batas at mag-abala,

At bakit kung sakali bang ito’y mapasa,

Kung ikaw ba’y “sumuway” ano ba parusa?

Oo nga naman, oo nga naman, bakit ba,

Ipinagdudutdutang ito’y gawing bill pa?

But why really kailangang isabatas pa?

Totoo bang dahil sa pondong makukuha?

Dahil kung sagot protection ng mga aba,

Aba eh may ganito naman nung araw pa!



[1] I am not sure about this. I just googled “How much is condom in the Phil?” and that’s the result. P25. But in a video of an anti-rh bill, it says it’s only P5.
[2] Of course there are some who are not lazy (or at least they claim to be), who graduated from “prestigious” schools, but still have no job. Some people like this don’t have job because they lack determination. Some are too choosy; they don’t want to start with “small” companies and want to go head on with the big famous companies. While others lack the practical skills in job hunting. Cliche as it may sound, if you want something, you’ll find a way to get it. Whatever your reason is, you cannot use the “high unemployment rate” in the Philippines as your scapegoat why you don’t have work. Because here’s the simple obvious truth you barely see: high unemployment rate reflects the number of people who don’t have work. If you don’t have work and keeps on blaming the high unemployment rate, it’s like you’re unwittingly blaming yourself because you’re part of that rate, which is true; you cannot blame anyone why you don’t have work but yourself. High unemployment rate doesn’t mean only few jobs are available here. See those job advertisements everywhere? Use those and do your best to qualify for the position.