“You love books so much that you want a job helping people make them. “

This is the current me.

I love books so much I’m dreaming of becoming a sales clerk at a book store. Or even a security guard!

“Honey, let me fill you in on something: Life is about work. Everything is work. Jobs are work. Relationships are work. Family is work. And a lot of the time, work sucks. It’s not the fun part. It’s not the glamorous part. It’s not the part that you look back on and think “Geez, that was awesome”. But that’s life. That’s reality. Not everything is fun, and nothing worth while is easy.”

I can’t agree more. It’s all work! Just think of this: day after day you work for at least 8 hours. So better choose a work you’ll really love, a work that can be your life. Or if you think you don’t have a choice, develop an unconditional love to your not-so-fun work.

Look who’s talking. An Accountancy student. Seriously, do you want to be an accountant?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, maybe, uh, I don’t know. Just because I’m taking B.S. Accountancy, doesn’t mean I’ll be an accountant for my whole life. I’m sticking to that course to widen my knowledge, to widen my field, to widen my “playground”. What my work will be for my entire life, no one knows yet. Hey, studying again won’t be a bad idea.

Anyway, what I’m sure of is, I don’t like my permanent job to be about something I deeply love like books or writing. I’m afraid the everyday work about it will make me so used to it and eventually I’ll get tired of it and will not be passionate about it anymore.

I’m not suggesting that others should follow this idea. It’s still up to them, of course. The only rule is this: Know yourself.

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