Sometimes, imagination can get you into trouble — an imagined trouble.

While I was checking some fiction novels in National Book Store, two high school students exited the place. The theft detector (I don’t know its specific name. Scanner?) emitted a sound. I remembered they were beside me just seconds ago. I imagined these naughty kids had put a book inside my bag too without being noticed, just like what I’ve watched on TV before. But I just imagined that. I was not really sure, so I didn’t check the inside of my bag.

Before leaving the place, I noticed the guard, the one who usually looked to customers as if the customers were thieves. I particularly didn’t like that guard.

As I exited, something emitted a sound. Some people in front of me stared.

“Did I imagine that?”, I thought. “Oh, no! The theft detector’s ringing!!!”

And to check if I really didn’t imagine the sound, I immediately looked at the theft detector and saw it’s emitting lights too.

Cursing those kids, I re-entered National Book Store. “Oh my God! Those kids! What should I do? What if they find an unpaid book inside my bag? How will I explain to them that I didn’t put it but the kids did? They won’t believe me! Shit. What will I do?”

Despite that, my heart wasn’t thumping. I particularly wasn’t nervous. I was angry. I was angry with those kids!

The guard motioned that he’s going to check my bag.

I opened the zip.

Eventually, I knew what the culprit was. I had brought Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, a book I bought from National Book Store’s Recto Branch.

I was relieved.

“Baka ito po yun.“, I said, handing the book to the guard. “Sa Recto ko pa yan binili dati.

He took it from me, scanned it, and then gave it back to me.

“Salamat”, I said while getting it, and left the place with the air of being “badtrip”. Imagine the theft detector rang just because of the effing P30 Just So Stories book!

When I told this story to my dad, he replied “Mabuti hindi ka pinosas?” I laughed. Yea, right. And thanks they didn’t put me into jail.

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