While checking my blog’s dashboard, I noticed someone searched for Jose Abad Santos High School (JASHS) so I tried searching it on WordPress. I found an article about the trees in the school that were cut because the place is going to be a mall owned by Megaworld.

This made me remember Manila’s Former Mayor Lito Atienza. I really hate him for relocating Jose Abad Santos High School (JASHS). I was not just the one who’s mad about this. My classmates, teachers, and even parents didn’t like the idea that our school’s finally going to be demolished. But in the end, our opinion didn’t matter. The school was still relocated.

The Insane Reason Behind it

D’you know Lito Atienza’s reason for relocating JASHS? He said our school’s surrounded with malls.

Yes, you’ve read it right. He’s giving more importance to the malls than to the schools in Binondo.

Yet, it is very evident that our school was first established in Binondo than the malls found on the street.

Then Atienza’s planning to run for mayor again? How dare he!

And it’s really sad that only few people know this devilish deed of Lito Atienza. I haven’t even watched a news about this. No one’s paying attention. No big deal, eh?

Scared Journalist

Since the Philippine media wasn’t reporting this, and since my friends and I were journalists of our school, we thought of writing editorials about this. However we were not able to do this because our Journalism adviser was too scared. Don’t ask me how did she become a Journalism adviser because I was wondering too.

Using Force

Even if I graduated at JASHS in March 2007, I still went there almost everyday because of my vocational class.

One day upon entering the school, I saw two policemen at the entrance. Of course I wondered why. “There’s something happening here.”, I told myself.

That day, our teacher was also absent. It’s not her nature to be absent without a valid reason. “But maybe she’s just sick”, I thought.

The next meeting, to my surprise, the rooms in JASHS were like hit by a heavy storm. Chairs and pieces of paper were scattered. Posters on walls were destroyed. And my teacher? She was traumatized. Let me repeat that. She. was. traumatized.

Who wouldn’t be traumatized if a number of people went inside your classroom while you’re alone just to get the properties of school? I can’t remember how my teacher managed to save the computers in the room. But from the look of the rooms in our school, there’s no doubt people hired by Atienza took the properties of our school like burglars.

The two policemen were sent by Jamby Madrigal, as I remember. She was also fighting for JASHS, but I don’t know what happened to the case she filed against Atienza. It didn’t stop Atienza from relocating JASHS. That’s what I’m sure of.

A message for Lito Atienza

Dear Atienza,
Don’t think of running again for mayor. Or don’t ever think of getting any position in Malacañang. You might just sell the whole Philippines to make it a very large place owned by Megaworld.

Not yours,