When I first heard that Rizal’s house was painted green, my eyebrows met and apparently, I was taken aback.

“What’s up with them? Don’t they have any project that’s more sensible? They’re wasting money.”, I told my sister after I’ve known this news. Green? Of all the colors existing, why did they choose green? No, I don’t hate the color green, but does it suit with Rizal’s house, which is a heritage place?

In the news that I’ve read, someone said that Mr. Ambeth Ocampo‘s reason for painting the house green was absurd. I couldn’t just believe that coward person who didn’t even gave his name. I don’t remember any absurd reasoning from Mr.Ocampo in his past articles. Because of this, I googled up the article written by Sir Ocampo, and read it, of course.

As I see it, the one who said the statement against Sir Ocampo didn’t fully understand what the latter wrote on his column regarding this newly painted house of Rizal. But I don’t get it why a lot of people don’t understand what he wrote though. It is as clear as crystal (or at least I think it is).

So why did Mr.Ocampo and his group decided to paint the house green? First, it is to honor the Rizal family and their way of life. “Rizal” came from the spanish word “Ricial” which means “a green field ready for harvest”. Second, Rizal is an environmentalist. NHI, their group, just wants to inform/educate people about Rizal through the use of the color green.

“But we want the real color of Rizal’s house!”, some people say.

In the first place, what we call the “real color of Rizal’s house” isn’t really the real one. Why? Juan Nakpil just renovated their house and painted it based on a faded photograph. So apparently, Nakpil didn’t really know what’s the real color of the house. No one presently living knows it.

“But aren’t old houses uncolored?”

This belief is wrong. According to Martin Tinio, who did some researches about this, some bahay-na-bato in Spanish times were colored. However, the choices available are just blue, yellow, red and green.

Painting Rizal’s house isn’t a bad idea anyway. At least because of this, it turned out that Filipinos are still affected by the things related to Rizal.


Here’s the photo of the newly painted house.

It doesn’t look terrible, right? I think other people are just over reacting without even understanding the reason behind painting this house green.

Photo from pinoylottowinner

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