Remember when I said I didn’t like L? Let me eat those words.

I started to like L after watching Death Note 3 last Sunday. Yes, I know I’m so late. But as I’ve said on my previous so-called “review”, I don’t mind. I’m not the type of person who runs after trendy things.

Why did I abruptly change my opinion regarding L? Maybe because Light’s not part of Death Note 3, so I have no choice. I find it cute whenever L’s taking care of the two children there. I find it pleasing to look at whenever L ‘s doing his unexpected moves while he was with the children.

Yesterday, I tried to stalk Ken ‘ichi Matsuyama (L) on Facebook. Of course I’ve got no luck. He’s not accepting messages and friend invitation. I know. He’s renowned. He should really do that.

Anyway, I also didn’t like Near and Mello on the anime series. Near in DN3 Live action  is  so much better. He is so intelligent. He’s even more intelligent than L (honestly). I’m still figuring out how Near did Fibonacci using the marshmallows. No joke about it. I know Fibonacci sequence, but how will the marshmallows there become Fibonacci sequence if they are only food and not numbers? I was so desperate to know the answer. After staring at the marshmallows for two minutes, I decided to google it up. According to Wikipedia, what Near used there was Fibonacci Spiral. I stared at the marshmallows again. No. It doesn’t look like spiral.

After minutes (or hours?) of staring and discussing about that Fibonacci, my friend Joseph and I came to a conclusion that we were really right and the third and fourth line on the image were wrong. While my friend James still didn’t give up the idea that there’s a right answer.

What d’you think?

I can feel they would create Death Note 4 where Near is the protagonist. I’m looking forward to that one! And I wish Near would explain this Fibonacci on that movie.