Last Friday, we attended a seminar, which is a part of our English Class. The debate that we’ve seen was a good example of the things they taught us about debate. Maybe, they’re quite sure that it’s not that easy to understand things simply by using words. Plus, we really need to see the real thing so that when we come to a point where in we need to participate in a formal debate, we know what we should do.

Scrap the minor subjects. This was the topic of their debate. It’s a very arguable topic. Since we are all students, all of us can relate to the debate. Each of us has our own opinion regarding it.

I don’t know if they really meant it, but I noticed that they put their best debaters on the opposition side. I thought they really meant it since they could sense that we all want to scrap minor subjects. The government side didn’t give justice to their opinion. Opposition people always had a point whenever the government people were stating their opinion. I could not clearly understand what they were saying since I am hard of hearing and they didn’t talk. They rapped. Despite of that, I could already sense that my classmates would agree to the opposition side in the end. When the debate ended and when my classmates were asked if what side they do agree with, almost all agreed with the opposition side, who has the opinion of “Do not scrap minor subjects.” I was right.

Actually, the two really have a point. But if we’ll scrutinize each point, the government side, who has the opinion of “scrap the minor subjects” would win.

Why scrap minor subjects? One, most of the minor subjects was already taught when we were in high school. Two, they occupy much of our time. There are also subjects where in the professor continually gives things to do as if his subject’s one of our major ones. Three, students might be better in their major subjects if they’ll have more time for it. Four, they are another expense for the students.

So why not scrap minor subjects? There’s only one reason for that. Minor subjects are for appreciation. One reason is enough to scrap minor subjects. And that one reason is also enough not to scrap minor subjects. To scrap or not to scrap, it depends on how you perceive your minor subjects.

Maybe if someone will ask me if I want to scrap minor subjects, I’ll definitely say yes! But, I want an exception. Among our minor subjects, I don’t want to scrap Philippine History, Humanities, Algebra, Rizal’s Life and Works, and Philosophy with Logic and Critical Thinking. Though this semester, I really wanted to scrap Algebra. No, not the Algebra itself. I just didn’t like our professor. I remember, I was really excited to have our Algebra class. However, when she entered our room, I was disappointed and had felt that this class wouldn’t feel good. But I will never let any teacher make me hate a subject that I like just because of him/her. As what Mark Twain said, “I have never let schooling interfere with my education.”

I know, most of the students will simply just say, it depends on the professor. Yes, they’re also right. Who would be interested in a subject where in your professor acts like a monster, very demanding, always shouts, yet don’t teach anything? This summer, I have no vacation. We have two classes. One is Philippine History, and the other one is Logic. Of course I feel lazy to attend summer classes, but knowing that these two will be our subjects, makes me excited. For now, let’s just wish our professor for those two subjects will be as interesting as the things they’ll teach us.

I like the tee of one of the debaters there. It reads:

Thinking allowed. Thinking aloud. Debate.